Wood painting brush M
Wood painting brush M
Wood painting brush M
Wood painting brush M

Wood painting brush M

Item code: FDMHU
Šifra proizvođača: CETKE_DRVO
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Specialized paintbrush developed and intended for excellent performance with water and solvent based wood paints and coatings. Characterized by a specially developed Optimo blend of synthetic filaments which contains a mixture of filaments that enblee superior paint pickup and release performance upon covering large areas of smooth or rough wooden surfaces. Contains a robust and comfortable handle that lays nicely in hand and allows for greater comfort and control upon work. The bristle is secured in place by a special epoxy resin based adhesive that ensures no bristle loss upon work.
Characteristics Value
Category Brushes for lacquer coatings and wood painting
Brand Beorol
Color Brown
Craft Painters
Dimensions 2" x 18mm
Hair lenght 64mm