Payment, price of product

Methods of payment

BEOROL provides the following methods of payment for the products ordered:

Payment may take place in two different ways for online orders:


Payment with bank transfer

This payment method is available only to customers with a bank transfer agreement with BEOROL. The Consumer pays the price of ordered products by bank transfer to BEOROL’s UniCredit Bank account number 10918001-00000070-03010007 published on the website before the ordered products are delivered or handed over personally. In case the Consumer has chosen this payment method BEOROL will communicate (confirm) with the Consumer its bank account number by email. At payment with bank transfer the Consumer shall make sure to enter the order number in the remarks field. When bank transfer is made in advance BEOROL, upon receiving the order shall send the Consumer the invoice for which the bank transfer may be effected. In case the sales price is not transferred to BEOROL’s account within the payment term of the invoice sent BEOROL shall cancel the order and shall not be obliged to deliver the order.


Payment with bank card

For private customers choosing to pay with a bank card will be prompted for action by the menu on the bank card payment page. Payment will be effected through UniCredit Bank. From bank cards valid for online shopping and issued by the customer’s own bank the following may be used:

MasterCard bank card for private users

Maestro bank card for private users

Visa bank card for private users

Visa Electron bank card

Visa VPAY card

In each case EUR will be used for currency of payment.

In the shopping process having chosen the payment method the Consumer will be redirected to the banks site the use of which is safe. The following card data will be used:

Number of card

Validity date

CVC2/CVV2 security code on the back side of the card

When entering the card details the confidential information will be processed through a public network with protected SSL protocol in PKI system. Data security is guaranteed by the bank. The entire bank card payment process happens on the site of the bank. Bank card details will not be entered into BEOROL’s own system. Entering and controlling data take place entirely between the bank card owner and the bank.



BEOROL may issue printed or electronic invoices. BEOROL shall give the invoice to the Consumer latest at the time of delivery and handover of the products.


Takeover of products

The Consumer may take over the ordered products in the timeframe communicated in the order confirmation email at the delivery effected by the courier service.