Takeover of products, complaints

The Party taking over the ordered products (Consumer) shall upon arrival, inspect the shipment in the presence of the courier and in case of obvious damage recognizable on the packaging shall open and create a report of recognizable shortages and other damage with the courier including the nature, extent, possible reason and detailed description of the damage and immediately report the damage to BEOROL without delay at the contacts below. The Party taking over the products shall make all efforts to minimize the damage.


To be notified in case of damage/shortage of the shipment:


Complaints arising from delivery damage

It is very important that damage from delivery be visible on the packaging, this needs to be reported to the courier immediately. The Consumer shall report all delivery damage within 24 hours of takeover of the products.

If you find a damage do not sign the delivery note or ask the courier to check whether the damage on the packaging causes damage in the delivered products or parts thereof. If the product itself and all parts are OK, you may sign the delivery note.


Complaints about data or products 

If your shipment has arrived and you realize the delivered product does not match your order or the data on the invoice are not correct, please report this to us within 24 hours by sending us an email at reklamacio@beorol.hu in which you inform us about your data ( surname and name, phone number) and describe the issue. You may use the complaint form at the end of the text that you may send us back filled in along with the products complained. We inform our customers at our earliest convenience in an electronic mail in which we confirm the arrival of the complaint, the number of complaint and inform our customer about the following steps.

Please send us photos in the complaints email about the damage of the products. If there is no visible damage and after unpacking the product is visibly damaged or incomplete the Consumer shall inform BEOROL at the above contacts within 3 working days of delivery. Missing this deadline shall make your complaints void. In case of damaged shipment, the addressee (Consumer) may only be indemnified for damages if the shipment has a report made on the spot at takeover or in case of invisible damage or shortage the addressee reported the damage/complaint to the sender/Beorol within the necessary 3 working days.

After the above indicated deadline of 3 working days no complaint and claim for damages shall be made either to the courier or the sender as after this the place, way and time of the damage cannot be unequivocally determined. In case the delivery in the third time arranged with the courier also doesn’t take place – due to reasons caused by the Consumer – and the shipment is returned to BEOROL’s warehouse it will cancel the order from the Consumer. If the Consumer requests delivery of the products in the cancelled order it shall re-order them in the Web Shop. In such cases the price paid will be calculated in the new order, but the fee of delivery will be invoiced again. The Consumer may turn to the courier directly and place its complaint there. In this case if the Consumer wants to claim damages from the courier any damage in the shipment shall be reimbursed (if the claim is justified) by the courier – the expected deadline of which is 30 calendar days of the claim submitted. In this case the addressee may not submit any further claims for damages to the Beorol.