Data protection policy

Data protection

For Beorol HU is is extremely important to have your data safely protected and to handle them with utmost confidentiality. In our data protection policy, we inform you about the basics of collecting personal data, the type of collected data and about how we collect, process, use and transfer your personal data. Under personal data is to be understood every piece of data that may be linked to your person, e.g. name, address, email address etc.

All information is safe and under no circumstances shall we transfer them to third parties without proper legal grounds, and this guarantees you the safest business and cooperation with Beorol Hu Kft. Please read our data protection policy carefully and all information contained therein as we are using your personal data according to these principles.

Collection and processing of all personal data to be used for identification during the process of using our website comply with the valid Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data

Your data are handled confidentially, and we do not forward them for any third party except if it is indispensable for performing our contractual obligations (e.g courier services). Our colleagues, partners and suppliers are obliged to us to keep the secrets of our cooperation. 


Legal clarification

We give the following information about personal data processing of natural persons and free movement of such data, and the cancellation of decree 95/46/EK (general decree for data protection, according to the DECREE OF EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNCIL (EU) 2016/679 (April 27th, 2016).

This present information on data protection governs the data management of the following website:



In order to achieve proper and full understanding of the subject of this present Data Protection Regulations we clarify whether according to the law the ‘data processor’ is a natural person or a business entity, a circle of authority that determines by itself or together with others the objective and the method of data processing.


Processor of your personal information

"Beorol HU Kft." Budapest

Registration number: 01 09 186367.


When and for what purpose are we collecting your personal data?

For successful order processing we need the name and surname, address, email address and telephone number. With this information we are able to deliver the ordered products and may give you information on the actual status of your order. The above implies that we collect your personal data mainly with the purpose of fulfilling the contract we have with you.


We collect your data mainly to serve the interests of Beorol HU Kft. except if your interests and basic rights and liberties exceed these interests. Under lawful rights we mean the following: information on changes of services and products, changes of pricelists, campaigns and advantages and about other company related news; in case of complaints and to answer your questions, we can get in touch with you; we may invite you for presentations, fairs or similar events we organize; in order to improve the performance of our customer service; to file lawsuits or defend ourselves from lawsuits. We also collect your personal rights to comply with legal requirements.

These data are provided to us by you (e.g., when you register on our homepage, when you get in contact with us on the website, on social media or when you subscribe to our newsletter etc.).

We collect your data (we may collect name, contact details and contents of communication) when you get in contact with us with your questions, complaints or remarks or when you provide us feedback. Data collected this way may serve to answer queries thus solving problems, complaints and such.

We may also collect information from contracts with enterprises and entrepreneurs about fulfilments of contractual obligations, about services, mutual communication, invitations to events and also to keep good business communication. In such cases we may collect contact information, data on participating members at exercising of contracts, information on members of companies and representatives which we use to enter into contact with (name and surname, contact phone, email address).

We collect your data by cookies to determine how you use our website and to analyse, record and process the information about products sought and purchased by visitors and the sites visited by them. We use collected information to improve the offer on our websites and their design, to make it easier to use our sites and to make ordering safer and more comfortable and to adjust the design to your needs. More information on the cookies is available in the data protection principles.


How do we use your personal data and if we share them with third parties

Beorol HU Kft. uses your personal data for the technical administration of our website so that we could access certain information or we could communicate with you. Beorol does not sell information in our possession either to third parties or to the market. The employees of Beorol are to respect the confidentiality of your personal data.

Under no circumstances shall we misuse your personal data.

Beorol HU Kft. may share your personal data with third parties to perform the sales contract we have with you (e.g. to deliver a shipment). Contracts with third parties and the obligation therein may include the possibility of transferring personal information, instructions on data processing and data protection, the prohibition of other purposes and such.

Beorol HU Kft. shares your personal data with third parties with which we are contracted for IT services, advertising, marketing and social and digital media services and all this with the objective to perform the marketing activities requested by you (newsletter, sending Viber messages etc.).

We do not share your contact details unless we are legally obliged to do so.



The Website uses so-called cookies. Cookies are what help adjusting the use of internet to your personal needs and optimizing certain functions.

Cookies are files with texts stored in your computer by an internet server. These files cannot be used to run programs or to put viruses on computers. Some cookies are deleted after the browser is switched off or after the browser has run its tasks (task related cookies). These cookies are used to identify whether you have visited certain parts of our homepage or whether you have logged in your account.

Other cookies are stored on your computer and by help of which we will recognize the browser at the next visit of our homepage (constant cookies).

You may choose in your browser the option to get information on the settings of cookies and you may decide yourself whether you accept or refuse the use of cookies in certain situations when you visit the homepage. Blocking cookies may limit the functions of our homepage or application.

Cookies are adjusted to you individually and are only legible by the internet host that sent them. One of the main purposes of these files is to provide such advantages that help the user save time.


Categories of cookies

In this section we inform you about what types of cookies we use to help navigate and use the services provided by the internet.

Functional cookies - as the name suggests – stores previously given information (e.g places) and this forms the basis of improved services. These cookies collect unmarked information and cannot keep track of activities on other websites.

Performance cookie means we collect information on the sites most frequently visited. These cookies do not store information about you, or the person of the user and their goal is to improve the functions of the website in order to improve user experience.

Marketing cookies are as the name suggests directly aimed for marketing purposes in conjunction with your interests and serve to store information on the visits of the website. We call your attention that information gathered by marketing cookies may be shared with third parties (e.g. advertisers) in order to improve targeting and advertising.


Third party cookies

Or website uses Google AdWords cookies also and co-operates with Google Analytics.

  • Google AdWords is a Google Analytics analyzation platform (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA; “Google”) and uses cookies to follow up conversions or to create AdWords user conversion statistics. If you access our website through a Google advertisement, then Google AdWords will place a cookie (conversion cookies) on your device. This cookie will disappear after 30 days and will not result personal identification of visitors. If visiting a website, the cookie does not disappear we recognize that the visitor has clicked on the ad and whether Google has redirected the visitor to our website. All advertisers have diverse cookies. For this reason, the cookies cannot be followed up on the website of the advertiser. Advertisers can see the number of visitors and how many visitors have been redirected to the labelled conversion follow-up site. If you do not wish to participate in the process of this observation you may block these cookies by setting up a cookie block on the domain of
  • Google Analytics is an analytics service provided by Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA; “Google”) and its cookies provide information on the use of our website and in general forward and store information on Google’s servers in the USA.IP anonymity option is active on our website and thus users IP addresses from other countries as per the contract from the EU and the European Economic Area are ruled out. Only in exceptional cases may we send IP addresses to a Google server to the USA. Google will use this information to measure the use of our website and to collect reports about its activity and to track websites from other countries. The IP address accessible to Google Analytics is not coupled with any other Google data.We call your attention to the fact that you may delete cookie storage in your browser settings but please be aware that in this case you may not be able to use all the functions of the website. By installing a browser addition accessible at you may stop Google from collecting and processing data generated by the cookie during the use of the site (including your IP address).
  • If you are a Facebook user this application may be used by Facebook Inc.(1601 S. California Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA; “Facebook”) for re-targeting website users. This device will create a non-identifying control number that we send to Facebook for marketing analysis. We also make your email address classified and will send it encrypted to Facebook. By recognizing cookies and forwarding encrypted information Facebook will send a personalized product advertisement. You may unsubscribe from the Facebook tool at


Storage time of your personal data

Your personal data will only be stored to reach the desired objective we have collected it for, to satisfy your needs or to comply with the legal requirements.

In certain cases we may store collected information even if the objectives for which they were collected have been already reached if legal requirements prompt us to do so or if it is necessary to exercise our rights (e.g. collecting debts over their due date by legal proceedings).

If you submitted a request for direct marketing messages, we will store your personal data until you revoke your request or call us to delete your personal data and to suspend the messages.

About how to unsubscribe you find additional information in the Revoking request section of this present Data Protection Rules.


Newsletter, Viber and SMS

On its website BEOROLoffers the possibility to subscribe to a newsletter and Viber promotional messages.

By purchasing via our website and registration BEOROL offers the possibility to receive emails, SMS and Viber notifications, participation in customer loyalty programs and additional advantages.

In case you have subscribed to one of the options we give you information about our products, news or actual events.

In case you have subscribed to one of the options we will use your personal data to send newsletters, Viber promotional messages, emails, SMS and other Viber communication.


Revoking request

If the request for notifications has been submitted as above it may be revoked at any time.

By using the link at the end of each newsletter you may revoke your request to receive newsletters.

For all messages above you may revoke your request by sending an email to the following address:

Revoking your request will not influence the reception of messages processed based on your subscription before such subscription has been revoked.

It is our legal obligation and we adhere to it to regularly revise and accept the revoked requests sent to us if our customers wish to receive no further messages or commercial offers from us.

If you revoke your requests and unsubscribe your data will be deleted.

We also inform you that you may receive further messages after you unsubscribe if those messages have already been generated as per the processing time and plan of the messages.


Measures for protection

BEOROL will take all necessary organizational and technical steps to protect processed data in order to eliminate misuse, unauthorized processing, publishing or deletion.

Access to data or servers is limited to authorized personnel only, the authorized person uses the assigned username and password and all authorized staff have the necessary level of authorized activities.

We use safe servers with safe access to information denying access to all unauthorized persons automatically.


Rights for processing personal data

Other than rights expressly reserved and described in this data Protection Regulation we call your attention to rights for processing other people’s personal data and the exercise of these rights:

- Right for information: This means you have the right to be informed in a clear and understandable way and be informed about how we use your personal data and what rights are affected by this.

- Right for accessibility: This means you may receive information about your personal data being processed, you may have access to data and information in conjunction with such processing (objective, type of personal data, legal grounds etc.).

- Right for correction: This means you have the right at any time to ask for the correction, update or amendment of your personal data if they are incorrect or not updated and extension if details are missing.

- Right for deletion:  This means you have the right to have your personal data deleted or removed from the objective it was collected for after the storage period is over or there is another legal reason to store the data.

- Right for limitation of processing: in case of unlawful processing and if the affected party denies deletion and asks for the limitation of use, if there is no further need for personal data but it may be needed for legal requests or procedures for legal protection (in a court or other process); if the correctness of data is disputed for a longer period and checking is needed, if there is an appeal submitted against processing and its evaluation is in process, whether our legal interest may exceed the interest of the affected party.

- Right for data transfer: This means that in case they are stored personal data may be forwarded, transferred, copied and may be sent electronically for any other organization. It may be needed that we need to transfer information for another service provider if it is technically possible.

- Right for protesting: This means you are entitled to submit a complaint disputing the processing of data based on legal interest, or if you think data protection regulations have been breached during processing of your personal data. Please get in touch with us at for protesting also means that according to the law you may submit your complaint to the ombudsman for personal data protection.

You may get in touch with us per email: to exercise your rights above and about processing your personal data.


Agreement and changes of conditions

Using our services means agreement to the given conditions of use.

BEOROL agrees to keep all the points above and any modification of the conditions will only be valid if published on the website and a notification mail is sent out to all registered users.

The present data protection principles may be modified to comply with legal requirements and to better suit our business processes.

We propose you regularly check the contents of our data protection regulations.  



If you do not wish to record information of your visits on our homepage by means of cookies as described in the section about the principles for cookies you may unsubscribe. Furthermore, if you do not wish to use cookies in your browser at all you may switch this option off completely.

If you have any questions about the use of your personal data by Beorol HU Kft. please get in touch with us in email at

Your Beorol Team