Our customers are eligible to make purchases through our Web shop after registration. With the registration it is possible to create and save a wish list but not all information needs to be filled in at every purchase.

For registration, please fill out the fields of the REGISTRATION page and follow the instructions that we send to the email address provided by you at registration.



 If you have found the products you wish to purchase, please choose the desired quantities and click on the ADD TO BASKET button.

Once you have finished choosing the products, you may have a look on the ordered products by clicking on the Basket field and you may see the fields to be filled out needed for shipping the products to the desired address.

After this if you want to record a remark, you may do so by filling out the remark field.


By clicking on the CONFIRM button you may confirm that you have read and accepted the conditions for purchase and the processing of your order starts. We send a message about the successful purchase and additional messages about the status of your order to the email address given by you.


Binding offers and confirmation

As described in this present GT&C by placing an order and making a purchase in the Beorol Web shop the Consumer is considered to make a binding offer for purchase and with the conformation of which the sales contract between BEOROL as Beorol and the Consumer as a buyer is concluded. Such contract is not considered a written contract, that is created by the legal statement submitted electronically.

BEOROL gives a confirmation of the arrival of the order from the Consumer within 24 hours by sending an automatic electronic mail. In case the data provided in the electronic confirmation mail do not correspond to the order placed by the Consumer, it is obliged to inform BEOROL within 24 hours in an electronic reply mail. The general deliver timefor products on stock is 3-5 working days, but not later than 15 working days from the effective date of the contract. In all other cases delivery time may be extended, only by written confirmation by the consumer.

BEOROL calls the attention of the Consumer that it may happen that the product on the website indicated as available on stock may not be available for delivery after all. In such cases BEOROL shall notify the Consumer that its order cannot be delivered. In such cases BEOROL cancels the order and notifies the Consumer about the cancellation.

In case the order confirmation does not arrive at the Consumer within the expected deadline as per the nature of the services provided but latest within 2 working days after the Consumer placed the order the Consumer is freed from the binding purchase offer or purchase contract and thus cannot be held liable to take over and purchase the products. The order confirmation from BEOROL shall include all data in conjunction with the order by the Consumer. Until the order confirmation arrives the Consumer is entitled to revoke its purchase offer by sending an email to BEOROL.


Conclusion of the contract

To conclude the contract, it is only possible in English. The concluded contract is considered an electronic contract that cannot be considered a written agreement, and which is governed by the Act CVIII of 2001 about electronic commercial services and services in conjunction with information society.


Filing of the contract

The electronic contract concluded on the homepage will not be filed and will not be accessible in a printed format afterwards, but the consumer will be provided with the confirmation of the contract concluded, and it will be available to him in an electronical form on his email address.