Hand stretch film, 5 kg
Hand stretch film, 5 kg
Hand stretch film, 5 kg
Hand stretch film, 5 kg

Hand stretch film, 5 kg

Item code: FS5
Šifra proizvođača: STRETCH_FÓ
  • Width: 500mm, thickness: 23 microns (µm), weight 5kg
  • Puncture resistance - 95gr
  • Film stretchability - up to 160%
  • 5-layer, foil finish adheres without additional gluing
  • Strong, elastic and tear-resistant


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The manual stretch film 2.5kg is intended for packaging. Foil thickness 23 microns. The adhesiveness of the foil on the inside alone prevents the pallet from sticking and tearing the foil. Finishing the adhesive film without any additional gluing. Strong, resilient and tear resistant. Made of new granulate (no regranulate). ;
  • Foil width - 500mm
  • Thickness - 23 microns (µm)
  • Weight - 5;kg
  • Color - transparent
  • Breakthrough resistance - 95gr
  • Foil stretch - up to 160%
  • Finishing the adhesive film without additional gluing
  • 100% recyclable after use
  • Cardboard sleeve weight - 1.1 kg (by world standards the weight of the foil implies the gross weight of the foil and cardboard sleeve)
  • The foil has 5 layers
  • The same foil is used for both machine and hand stretch
  • Strong, resilient and tear resistant
  • Made of new granulate (no regranulate) ;
One of the characteristics used to measure the quality of a foil is its solubility. The stretchability of Beorol foil is up to 160%, which means that 1m of foil can be stretched up to 2.6 m. The average stretchability of films that can be found on the market is about 80% (1m = 1.8m). The stretchability of the foil directly influences the consumption, the lower the foil stretch the less. This means that double foil can be stacked with our foil. Also an important feature of quality is the breakthrough point. The permeability of our foil is 95 gr and belongs to high quality foils. Beorol foil has 5 layers, while the market foil has 2-3 layers.
Characteristics Value
Category Stretch film
Brand Beorol
Craft Hobby
Weight 5kg

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