Organiser Tandem B 300 TWIN

Organiser Tandem B 300 TWIN

Item code: KLSTB300
Šifra proizvođača: TÁROLÓK
  • Organiser with a transparent cover, 20 compartments and a closing hinge
  • 28 different combinations by moving the partitions
  • Dimensions: 284 x 192 x 100mm


  • NSZ
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Organizer with a transparent lid and 20 compartments. The adaptability of the compartments is high, and 28 different combinations can be obtained by moving them. It also has a hinge. Dimensions (mm) : 284 x 192 x 100
Characteristics Value
Category Organizers
Brand Beorol
Color Black
Craft Carpenters, Electricians, Hobby, Installers, Locksmiths, Mechanics

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