PVC Winter boots


  • They are made of elastic and durable PVC, they are black with a yellow sole.
  • They have a tightening strap inside the upper edge of the boot.
  • They have a thermal insulation insert made of faux fur and anti-slip sole with energy absorber in the heel area.
  • The boots have protection against electrostatic discharge.
  • They are resistant to water penetration and water absorption, to mild acids, as well as to alkaline substances.
  • They are made according to the standard EN ISO 20347, which is a safety standard for professional footwear.
  • They are suitable for use in humid conditions and at low temperatures, namely: on construction sites, for gardening,  in restaurants, food production, for butchers, hospitals, for cleaning and maintenance companies, light industry companies and fishing.
  • In a word, boots for everyone.