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For most people a brush is a brush, and they see no difference that might justify paying more or less for a brush. However, the fact is that a well-made brush is an accurate tool that makes a huge difference in quality, speed, effort, and above all, in the final appearance of the treated surface.

brush profesional

Beorol is  the leading brush production on South-East European market

Brushes are an inevitable tool for every painter and craftsman who works with colors and paints. In order to satisfy all the needs of the masters, Beorol products brushes of different performance requirements. We have developed a system of using and combining the highest quality of raw materials from around the world.

Brush capacity

Ako uzmemo nekoliko četki istih dimenzija ali sa različitom dlakom odnos površine koju bismo mogli da prefarbamo jednim umakanjem u boju bi izgledao ovako: 20x20cm TOP60, 30x30cm TOP90, 50x50cm AKRIL, 70x70cm DUPON

Paint layer - EXPLANATION:

The largest quantity of paint is retained in the place where fiber tips split: The softer the brush tip is, the more the fiber will split and the longer and finer the paint layer will be.

  1. The fiber that we use is among the best in the world. Depending on the purpose of the paint layer, we use natural fiber, artificial fiber or their combination, in different lengths and with different tip characteristics (Top 60 means that 60% of the fibers have the same maximum length, while Top 90 means that 90% of the fibers have the same maximum length).
  2. The handles of Beorol brushes are ergonomic. They nicely fit the hand and produce no fatigue. Handles are produced in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials (wood and PVC). Handles are glued to the rest of the brush by gluing and hammering.
  3. The sheet metal of the brush ensures the shape of the fibers and the cohesion of all the elements in a compact unit. The sheet metal is made of corrugated galvanized steel, due to its longevity.
  1. The spacer is the smallest part of the brush, but its role is huge: • It reinforces the fibers at their root, providing stronger support and cohesion between the fibers the rest of the brush; • It optimizes the performance of the brush, in respect to the quantity of fiber.
  2. The Beorol spacer is made of PVC, so it cannot absorb the paint, ensuring thus the stability of the bond glue-fiber-spacer-lim. If the spacer were made of wood, it would become swollen, burdening the aforementioned bond. Another major advantage of the PVC spacer is that does not release paint from a previous coating, i.e. there can be neither errors nor adverse changes in the color of the paint.
  3. The glue provides a stable and lasting bond between fiber, spacer and plate. For that purpose, we use polyester and epoxy adhesives.

About us

Beorol Company was founded in 1998 by several young visionaries, who were willing to fight on the turbulent market of those days, when there were no clear business rules. Their vision of creating a company that is the leader in the Balkans and produces handheld painting tools, gave them the strength to keep going, in order to achieve their goal.


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