Beorol frst time in Albania

Beorol frst time in Albania – 22. International Fair in Tirana

Visit us at the international fair in Tirana from 21. to 25. november 2015.
Beorol location: G14 štand, prizemlje.
See you!


About us

Beorol Company was founded in 1998 by several young visionaries, who were willing to fight on the turbulent market of those days, when there were no clear business rules. Their vision of creating a company that is the leader in the Balkans and produces handheld painting tools, gave them the strength to keep going, in order to achieve their goal.


  • Address: Patrijarha Dimitrija 121a 
          11090 Belgrade, Serbia
  •   Phone: +381 (0)11 804 22 44
  • Mail:

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